July 11, 2020

Build Your Own eCommerce Website Like Flipkart with Readymade Marketplace Solution

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to build an online eCommerce website like Flipkart. Flipkart has been such an inspiration to many people. Day-by-day, millions of users are becoming members of this reputed e-commerce website. Here we need to analyze what makes these leading e-commerce platforms to stand alone in the crowd.

Flipkart is India’s largest reliable multi-vendor marketplace that was started in 2007. Flipkart as the best B2C shopping portal for all Indian customers. The real success relies on the platform they use and how effectively the functionalities and the features are managed.  Now let us check out how Flipkart works.

  • Through the UNIX system, the code is operated for Flipkart.
  • Flipkart uses high-end database management system to store its information[1] 
  • For the purposes of analysis and information management, Flipkart uses the Hadoop computer code.

How Flipkart E-Commerce Marketplace Website Works?

To build a Flipkart like website, one needs vast technical knowledge. Needs to understand more about the user’s experience. Now we can get into the available business models to build an e-commerce website like Flipkart.

marketplace wrok model
  • The marketplace, all the vendors who sell their products are listed.
  • The shoppers are allowed to browse the products of their choice through the merchandise.
  • Deals and coupons are created to engage shoppers.
  • By reaching the desired product, customers purchase the product.
  • Vendor/ Flipkart ships the product to the customer place.
  • Products will be accepted by the customer and not returned.
  • Flipkart will deduct the commission and will give the agreement value to the vendor for the products sold.

Possibilities to Build Your Own Ecommerce Website as like Flipkart

Build Ecommerce platform from Scratch

Customizing the entire development process will give us the overall control over the project. But if you are a start-up or a small scale entrepreneur then it is not advisable to go for a customized e-commerce website. Initially, you can build your eCommerce website with scratch.

Opt for SaaS eCommerce Providers

If you are searching for potentially quicker deployment of your e-commerce platform with lower initial acquisition cost? Then you can go for SaaS development where the product is reliable and can experience more data security. Since it is readymade, you cannot customize the product.

Acquire Readymade eCommerce Platforms

After purchasing a readymade marketplace solution for your online business, you may find aspects which are essential for your business were missing. You need to customize the platform to your requirements. Then you can go for a readymade product that can be customized.

The Cost Of Factors Developing A Ecommerce Website Like Flipkart

You have already stepped into the process of developing the eCommerce website by analyzing the business models. Now you need to fix a budget for your website. You can easily develop your Flipkart like website with whatever budget you have allotted. There are thousands of companies available to create your eCommerce website at an affordable cost. Finalizing the budget you need to consider the below mentioned key points which highly influence the quality of your Flipkart like website.

  • Decide on the product which you are going to sell
  • Choose the perfect business model
  • Pay more attention while choosing a domain name for your website
  • Find out a perfect eCommerce website builder
  • Give more importance to the theme of your website
  • Set-up the payment gateway
  • Secure your website by installing SSL certificate
  • Choose the best shipping partner.

You need to be more particular to fulfill all the mention key points while developing an e-commerce website like flipkart.

Ultimately people prefer readymade marketplace solutions to launch an e-commerce website for their businesses as it has more salient features like low cost, rapid implementation and many more. If you are searching for a perfect multi-vendor marketplace solution, you can settle on ZielCommerce.

For more information about cost of developing E-commerce website like Flipkart & Amazon

Contact Zielcommerce

Zielcommerce – A Ready to Go eCommerce Solution

ZielCommerce is one of the leading, readymade multi vendor marketplace platform. It supports the admin with the front end panel for the users & the vendors. With excellent e-commerce themes, ZielComerce has opted for its 100% customization feature. It can provide extremely notable advantages in the business environment.

What makes ZielCommerce superior to any other readymade multi vendor marketplace solutions?

  • Powerfully built front end interface – Any successful readymade marketplace solution depends on how strong the front-end interface is built. ZielCommerce will have the perfect front-end interface. The front-end panel is provided for both the users & the vendors.
  • 100% customization – The user interface and user experience differ from user to user. All businesses may not have the same requirements there will be a strong need for customization. This is highly possible with ZielCommerce.
  • Multiple payment gateways – Zielcommerce has enabled 100 payment gateways which help the users to do the transaction globally without any difficulties.
  • Multiple languages – ZielCommerce is used globally, it can support 17+ languages.

Dominant features of ZielCommerce

Zielcommerce has mind-blowing features that can easily give users the same experience they get while using Flipkart. Let’s know more about how ZielCommerce attracts users easily.

Allows multiple product types

In ZielCommerce, each vendor has the facility to add multiple product types in their marketplace to sell. It really supports the vendors to sell downloadable, virtual products. This feature attracts entrepreneurs when they highly focus on their vendors.

User-friendly design

The success of e-commerce websites is mainly focusing on user-friendly design. You can experience a perfect user-friendly design with Zielcommerce. Also, it has rich eCommerce themes, in which users can select the theme which matches their business concept.

Social Media Login

Without social media, one cannot promote his business easily. With ZielCommerce the vendors can link their social media accounts in their store profile. The latest offers and updates can be highlighted with the help of social media platforms.

Reviews & Ratings

e-commerce platform has the responsibility to allow its users to share their reviews and ratings publicly. ZielCommerce allows its users this key facility and helps to increase your brand value with the help of reviews and rating features.

Global shipping

ZielCommerce provides a hassle free global shipping of products to the vendors. The vendors can easily calculate the shipping cost and other charges in the dashboard itself.

SEO Friendly

Vendors will have access to write the SEO meta, permalink, and description from their dashboard itself. This will help them to promote their store to have global visibility in search engines.

Zielcommerce can provide streamlined focus and greater productivity. It is the perfect one-stop readymade marketplace solution for all your eCommerce requirements. Start your Flipkart like website with ZielCommerce and move your business to greater levels and get higher returns within a shorter period of time.



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    I’m looking to build an online shopping portal like Flipkart. I want to know the actual cost of developing a website like Flipkart with a readymade Platform.

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    How do I start an eCommerce website like Flipkart, I want to know which platform will the best whether to develop from scratch or readymade script and how much does it cost to develop a website like Flipkart.

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    I have read your blog, really good! what is your elevator pitch and I need a customized eCommerce software solution with a reliable platform. What development process you will follow and how it works out and let me know your timeline.

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