October 16, 2021

A Complete eCommerce Pricing Guide – Cost Factors to Start & Run an Online Marketplace Startups

What is the cost for launching an eCommerce marketplace is the million-dollar question that arises in the mind of any entrepreneur who plans to sell products online. Developing an eCommerce marketplace can be done either by building them from scratch or going for a readymade software solution. For any start-up or a medium-sized business, it is highly recommended to go for readymade solutions. In each stage of development, there are various cost defining factors involved that will define the building a marketplace website. Let us analyze each cost of eCommerce marketplace factor in detail.

Types of Cost Factors Involved in Starting an Online Marketplace Platform

After the completion of eCommerce marketplace development, we will be getting the final product that will be ready to use. But this development will undergo several processes that will streamline the eCommerce website. Each process will have its own costing that will have an impact on the multi vendor marketplace platform price. Let us have a deep look at each element.

cost of ecommerce marketplace

Setup Costs:

The Setup Process Includes Various Tasks as Listed Below.

  • Registering the business along with the brand is the initial step that has to be carried out while setting up the ecommerce marketplace platform. The brand name you set will be recognized till the end of your business cycle.
  • Getting a domain name that suits your brand name is another major task. You need to check the availability of the domain name and then should purchase it.
  • Installing the software in your system is the final stage in the setup process. After finalizing and purchasing the domain, you need to install the software in your system and the software will be available in your domain name.

These steps are orderly followed and executed with utter care. The cost of an ecommerce marketplace is determined on how successfully you fulfill the above-mentioned setup process.

Platform Costs:

Platform is the base for any marketplace website and it determines the multi vendor ecommerce website price. Before selecting the platform you need to make sure the platform covers all the below-mentioned functionalities.

  • The platform should support PCI compliance and should have fraud protection that will ensure the security of user’s data.
  • The platform should facilitate easy checkout and provide multiple payment options for grabbing the attention of users.
  • qaccept customization and should be scalable for any business and should support the growth of the ecommerce marketplace.

You need to check all the aspects and then should finalize the platform. The platform that supports all essential factors will differ in price.

Hosting Costs:

Hosting service is the main aspect where all data is stored. You can spend more in developing a perfect and an awesome ecommerce marketplace but the hosting server decides the smooth functioning and the performance of your platform.

  • The hosting server can be a dedicated hosting server or a cloud hosting server. If you are at enterprise or corporate level then it is recommended to go for a dedicated hosting server else you can prefer cloud server.
  • The hosting server should have email hosting and should provide sufficient numbers of addresses mainly to support internal communication within the organization.
  • The hosting server should provide high speed that will have a major impact on your store performance. The speed of loading pages is the fundamental aspect for search engine marketing.

Finalizing the perfect hosting server that will enhance your ecommerce store will have a direct impact on the cost of ecommerce marketplace.

Design Costs:

The design you have for your ecommerce marketplace will determine the website traffic.

  • If you have an attractive design then you can get more visitors to your platform else people will not be attracted by your design and may not visit your page. There are several free themes available and none of them are quite impressive so you need to go for paid themes
  • The design should be mobile responsive. Only responsive designs will gain the attention of mobile users. So obviously this will have a major impact on the multi vendor eCommerce website price.

The design you have for your eCommerce marketplace will decide your success rate. So be more specific in your design and let it suit your business.

Implementation Costs:

This is the major task that has to be properly carried out while developing an ecommerce marketplace.

  • In this phase you will implement all images and logos in the web page and the content will be properly aligned.
  • The web content will be synchronized with the domain and the data will be stored in the cloud.
  • The appearance of the webpage should correlate well with features and should support the SEO process

The cost of ecommerce marketplace depends on the number of pages the implementation process requires.

Maintenance Cost:

To ensure the smooth functioning of the ecommerce marketplace   you need to periodically maintain the platform.

  • The multi vendor marketplace website should get updated then and there. You may need to remove or add new vendors to your platform.
  • New technologies should be implemented to give a better shopping experience to your customers.

So you need to separately allot an amount for maintenance of the marketplace. This cost is inevitable and this will have a major impact in calculating the cost of an ecommerce marketplace.

Workforce Costs:

Workforce cost is a default expense that any entrepreneur needs to face.

  • Many skilled experts will be involved in the development process and also you need people to keep monitoring the changes and updates that are happening within the marketplace platform
  • Experts support you in the marketing and promotion of your platform and you need to spend more in this area.
  • Technical people will keep a track of the performance of your eCommerce marketplace and this will help you to understand your business progress easily.

The multi vendor eCommerce website price will be affected by involving a huge workforce in your project.

Marketing Costs:

After developing a perfect ecommerce marketplace you need to launch it properly and should give enough awareness to the people about the platform. You can get good business only when your brand is recognized by the public.

  • Need to run paid campaigns on all social media platforms that will gain you enough brand visibility and get greater reach.
  • You need to focus on Google ads that have a greater responsibility and you can easily and instantly increase your eCommerce website traffic.
  • Spend more on affiliates who can be your brand ambassadors and you can expect some good returns from their end.

There are several digital marketing strategies that can maximize your ROI. You properly invest in the plan and this will have a major impact on the cost of ecommerce marketplace.

ZielCommerce Helps You Start your Online eCommerce Marketplace Platform Easily

Zielcommerce multi vendor marketplace platform is one-time payment software that covers all the above-mentioned cost defining factors. Zielcommerce is the perfect cost-effective choice for any entrepreneur who needs to invest less and get more returns through their multivendor marketplace platform. Zielcommerce has the best UI & UX that will get you more visitors and the platform is fully customizable and scalable. You can make the software fit into your business with simple modifications.

The complete setup process will be taken care of by the Zielcommerce team and the technical expert will support you on regular updates free of cost for a period of time. The software is in-built with all marketing tools that will support your brand to get recognized easily when promoted online. Since the software holds all the extensive features you can be free from the hassle of developing multi vendor e-commerce website. The cost of an eCommerce marketplace will be unbelievably less when you go for Zielcommerce.


Always prefer a cost effective method to launch an eCommerce marketplace platform. Keep in track of the expense you spend in owning a marketplace platform and make sure you get better ROI by following perfect marketing strategies.


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