October 31, 2020

How to start an online clothing store with Zielcommerce eCommerce Platform

It’s not a surprise that you have decided to own your online clothing store because it has become one of the most popular ecommerce niches.

With the emerging middle-class people worldwide and with the sales which are expected to reach a peak of $713billion in the year 2022, many new businesses are ready to cash on.

If you seriously think that owning an online clothing store is very daunting, do not worry much. There are many numbers of online shopping store builders like Shopify, Zielcommerce, Wix, Bigcommerce, etc and thanks to those lovely inventions – with these it has become easier than ever to shop online.

This post will help you through the steps you should follow to launch a successful online clothing store with Zielcommerce Builder.

Without no further wait, let’s get started!

1. Choose the niche of your online shopping store

Before just jumping into launching an online shopping store, you need to decide on which niche you are going to sell the apparel.

Choosing the perfect niche ensures you

  • to choose the right product and organize the whole business plan around the type of your target customers. 
  • to drill down to the market and reach your potential customers in a very easy way.

Steps to choose the niche:

  • Choose the niche which stands out from the crowd. Be unique.
  • Select a niche which you are really interested and passionate about.
  • Ask to yourself that if you can add more value with yourself as an authority.

2. Select the online clothing store’s products:

Once you have chosen the niche, its time to select the products for your online clothing store. Will you be selling ethnic or western wear or both? This clothing and apparel online market is infinite, so make sure that you sell unique products to attract more customers.

Steps to choose the online clothing store’s products:

  • Start simple and simple product as you grab your product list on the ground. Including many numbers of products, upfront will add extra admin costs from photoshoot of the product to the web setup.
  • As apparel trends may change frequently, you need to choose a stable product initially which can be easily changed to fit the ideas at the beginning.
  • Make sure you are forwarding towards the end goal at each step you take. This will make sure that as you add a number of products to your range and you started growing in your niche, you will be able to implement trending products on to your online clothing store seamlessly.

3. Choose your online clothing store business model:

Now, you own your own niche and you have loaded with the type of products you are passionate about, it’s the right time to pick a business model for your online clothing store.

Types of online clothing stores:

  • Custom cut and sew
  • Print on demand
  • Private label
  • Dropshipping

Custom cut and sew:

Custom cut and sew business comes along with a lot of management since you are responsible for choosing and coordinating your own pattern makers, manufacturers, etc. With this model, it takes a lot of time to launch your first line.


This is the easiest type of online clothing store and it is also the cheapest. No wonder that custom T-shirt printing alone is expected to reach $10billion in the year 2025. This type of store prints their logo in the blank outfit and every other thing are automated.

Private label clothing store business model:

It is the midpoint between the custom cut-and-sew and Print-on-demand model. This model is something where you buy a blank or labelless apparel and you add your custom design, label before selling them. It provides more customization.

Dropshipping Clothing store business model:

It allows selling apparels that are fulfilled by the wholesalers. This is the most budget-friendly one since you don’t worry about the inventories, shipping, etc. The only con is that your items won’t be as unique and there could be a number of stores selling the same product as you.

4. Outline your online clothing store business plan:

You are all ready with your niche, products and the business model, now its time to outline the business plan for your online clothing store.

  • You should know your market, products, biggest competitors, business model, company description.
  • The next important part of your business plan needs to be the pricing.
  • Fix the pricing according to
    • Web development, equipment, hosting charges, etc
    • Design and development
    • Production cost per product, including that of samples
    • Materials
    • Labor and transportation

5. Creating your online clothing store:

Now comes the fun part of creating your online clothing store.

  • The very first thing you need to have is the domain which you need to buy separately upfront as soon as you have an idea of launching an online clothing store.
  • Secondly, choose the platform and the theme. It is the crucial thing in designing any online store because the design gives the user-friendliness to the users.

6. Launching your online apparel store:

Once everything till domain is set, its time to launch your online clothing store globally. Here, there are few tips which you need to take care of

  • Define your launch strategy like FB live video, teaser emails, promotion, etc.
  • Set ready your social handles ready before you launch the store. Have active contents to grab more customers towards you.
  • Ensure that all the automation emails are set up and tested.
  • Make sure that your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are set up.

7. Drive traffic to your online clothing store:

This is the last but one of the most important steps in launching the online apparel store. The major traffic drivers to your stores are PPC, email marketing, content marketing, social media guest post on popular blogs and influencers.

Benefits of ZielCommerce eCommerce Software

ZielCommerce is one of the best readymade Marketplace solutions for a small scale or larger online stores.

  • With ZielCommerce , you can include umpteen products to your online store which makes your online store massively scale depending on your needs.
  • It not only offers excellent ecommerce design templates, but you can easily edit them depending on your preferences.
  • You have complete access to the template code.
  • Through the integrated API, you can add any number of features to your store.
  • You can also easily start selling on multiple channels like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Features of ZielCommerce eCommerce Platform:

Here are the main features of the ZielCommerce eCommerce Platform.

Features of ZielCommerce online ecommerce Platform:

Let us know about some of its features which makes the marketplace richer to attract the customers.

Allows multiple product types

ZielCommerce allows multiple product types to be added by the vendors in the marketplace to sell. It makes your vendors seamless opportunities to sell variable, downloadable, subscription, virtual products, and bookable products.

User-friendly design

Zielcommerce has a user-friendly and rich front end dashboard which allows the customers an awesome experience to manage inventories, sales, discounts, orders, etc.
The plugin also permits the vendors to make a professional lookout for their business through various templates available.

Order Management

Vendors can manage the store on the go since Zielcommerce is mobile friendly. Vendors can view like if an order is processed or pending and they can ship the items to the billing address.

Reviews and Ratings

To gain customer trust amidst the competition inside the marketplace, the Zielcommerce allows the customers to enter their reviews and provide their ratings for the product purchased. This will, in turn, increase the brand value as the customers who come to purchase always trust the ratings and reviews provided by the old customers.

Global Shipping

With Zielcommerce, vendors can freely set global shipping for each store to make them hassle-free from the calculation of the shipping rates through the front end dashboard.

Manages SEO

Zielcommerce allows the vendors to manage SEO for their store page to promote their store to have visibility in search engines. Vendors can write SEO meta, permalink, and description from their front end dashboard.

Integrating social media

To facilitate the vendors to increase their sales, Zielcommerce provides vendors the option to add their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc into their store profile.

Summing up

I hope this article has shed you some light on how to build an online clothing store with a Zielcommerce eCommerce builder. Make the utmost use of it and stand ahead in the crowd and drive more profit to your company.


  1. Jessica Jose Reply

    I am planning to start my own online clothing fashion store, how much does it cost, there is any specific business model for online clothing store, I need a site should more flexible while at multiple user’s access at the same time and it should be fully customized and with latest features.

  2. Amanbir Akal Reply

    I’m running my own garment shop in different places; I need to build an online clothing store. I have many vendors working with me, I need a separate login for my vendor and complete dashboard for admin along with more features. Site performance should very high for my customer and a very simple login system. I need multiple payment gateway options. Do you have any specific business model for this, and how much does to cost to develop and your timeline for this project

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