June 14, 2021

Zielcommerce Gets Major Upgrades, Feature Enhancements, and Fixes

The multi-vendor marketplace platform is gaining  its popularity amongst the business owners to brand and promote the products online. Customers’ complete acknowledgement towards E-Commerce platforms are witnessed these days as it is very convenient and comfortable to do their shopping and to get the products at their doorsteps. It comes as a customized solution for the business people as well displaying the array of products to the customers are effectively done. Immense technical developments lead to the feature enhancements every day.

It is high time to experience the best features of e-commerce platforms by approaching the right service provider where they would adopt the unique options to successfully compete with the marketplace competition.

Zielcommerce is one of the leading multi vendor marketplace platforms for the online marketplace vendors and it keeps on enhancing the technique involved in creating the same. It is one of the flexible options for the startup companies and even large corporations find very much comfortable to deal with. The company has a remarkable position in the online retail sector and also gained its dominance by achieving many accolades leading to business development. 

The internal team shows that incessant work leads to customer delight and contribution revolves around that. Zielcommerce being preferred as a best multi vendor marketplace platform perfectly aims for customer satisfaction and every solution the company provides will be on trend by creating value to each and every customer.

On trend upgrades in Zielcommerce

  • Effective user interface, dashboard administration, front end development 
  • Enhanced and optimized dashboards for efficient performance
  • Better screen view projection for the product image
  • Availability of the listing page for users and affiliate users
  • Multiple selection articles for every user
  • Enhanced features in zielcommerce


  • Product temp page gets introduced on the category of Misc section so that helps in getting updates at the time of importing bulk images
  • Upload bulk images introduction is made under the section which allows every user to make zip file edition and can be imported through csv file

Wishlist and add cart

  • Adding cart and wishlist options encourage every user to navigate products from the catalyst to the wish list and also vice versa
  • Total cart value also gets displayed with item count
  • Listing pages are updated and loading of products with the help of permanent link through ajax is made. This focuses on load speech and listing page optimization whenever people use search engine tool
  • Addition of filter sort by most discounted is done


  • Order limits have been added for sellers with regard to the cash delivery option
  • Sellers have the privilege of highest negative amount with respective to the cash on delivery

Optimized result

  • Disablement of parent category is done in order to enhance the load speed of page
  • Empty page search restriction is made in order to enhance the load speed of the page.
  • On dated dashboards in order to make note of key performance indicators of sellers, buyers advertiser’s and other affiliate users to derive better report and statistics
  • Basic and fundamental enhancements of applications
  • Centralized way of handling messages and validations
  • If the option values are linked with cellars inventory method then it is not deleted
  • Every admin link gets opened for better and effective use
  • The cost price of the product also gets displayed and reflected in the view for the user to analyze the profit made
  • Addition of quantity higher than the existing inventory is not possible in the product detail page
  • To get the content page preview layout template is included
  • Primary record field and managed collection options have been removed
  • Search listing refinement is enhanced by filter addition and can found on the the page of catalogue

These editions are completely based on the feedback and suggestions provided by the consumer. Every consumer has his or her own expectations and the company tries to fulfill the needs of the customer accordingly. Only when the E-Commerce marketplace website gets enhanced, the customer approach simultaneously increases. Make sure that you prefer this online multi vendor marketplace E-Commerce for making your business as a market ready option.


Ramya is a highly competent product marketer who has a strong foundation in the area of customer behavior analysis and his critical thinking skills.

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